Alcione is a record label and distributor of new age, trance, world music, ethnic, electronic, among other instrumental genres. The name of Alcione comes from the brightest star from the Pleiades
constellation or also called seven sisters by the Greeks. The Pleiades are visible with the naked eye. The seven sisters are: Alcyone, Asterope Electra, Maia, Merope, Taygeta and Celaeno. The OM symbol is the union of all sounds and vibrations.

OM is the most powerful, dynamic and mystical mantra. It represents expansion and creativity in the universe. By pronouncing the mantra OM, you will be in touch with your most inner and outer reality.


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Jorge Emilio - Emile

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Ron Korb

Alkymia - Claudia Stern + Alvaro Taboada

Galapagos1 - Mystic River Flow
2 - Forest Ceremonies
3 - The King of Copan Yax Kux Mo
4 - Pacific Coast Forest
5 - The Great Ranges
6 - Two-Thoudand-Year Oaks
7 - Red Woods Trail

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Special collaboration and participation:
Sophia Delgado, Raquel Hoover, Juan Garcia (Drums),
NoXcuses Production, Ivan Lopez, Maurizio Colella,
Sandro del Casale, Aranais Garcia, Laura Cheer , EDX,
Di Donna, A Train, Al Evers, Bob Williard
Graphic Designer: José Antonio Oliva
Front Cover Model: Yanelis Fonte - Makeup: Sophia
Arranged & Produced by Jose Antonio Oliva
Pianos by EMILE Steinway & Sons
Electronic Keyboard by Emile & Oliva
Galapagos Photographers:
Wendy Sylva, Santiago Delgado, Sophia Oliva & Jose Oliva

Miami FL, The Taino Gold Project has being planned for more than 5 years and began with Alcione's artists Bagué and Oliva trying to make an approach to the roots of Puerto Rican Music. Nowdays, the result of the production not only brings music but a visual image of the Island. A trip to the land of the Tainos to find it's roots. See more...


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